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Blog: i can’t draw, but that didn’t stop me from drawing a stupid thing to amuse myself.


I’ve been playing this game called The Binding Of Isaac. If you’re as late to the party as I am, allow me to describe it: it’s sort of roguelike, in that death is permanent and the various levels, enemies, and gear change each time you play. It’s sort of like the original Zelda, in that each level feels like one of the boss levels in that classic game. It’s also sort of like Robotron, in that you…

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"I stood in front of the monitors watching 75 women stand in a circle, dancing and yelling while two women humped each other. Taylor Schilling, who plays Piper on the show, had hung around to watch the chaos. She leaned over to me during a take and said, “When have you ever seen this many women on screen together?” In that moment I realized we were doing something really special.






Sexism on tumblr. I know your hearts are in the right place but still, this is bad.

this is powerful

it’s because it’s the absolute other way around anywhere else. stop.

No, this needs to be seen. It’s not okay to demean another sex to defend your own. If you wanted to be treated as equal, then you treat others as equals as well. You can’t fight sexism by being sexist. You can’t fight hate by hating. It’s that simple.

If you feel the need to tear other people down in order to further your cause, you aren’t a social justice advocate, you’re a goddamn bully.



These people are doin’ Halloween right. 



If going out to eat is starting to feel a bit humdrum, perhaps it’s time to take your dining up a notch, or rather 180 notches. Dinner In The Sky is an adrenaline-fueled fine dining experience that takes place around a steel dining table structure that’s secured to a set of cables and suspended by crane up to 180 feet above the ground.

Each of the table’s 22 guests are safely strapped into comfy leather seats before the crane lifts them all off the ground. The center of the table features a walking platform which accommodates the chef and up to 4 additional service personnel. The basic package rents out the table for 8 hours and can be set up for any sort of meal, meeting, cocktails, or whatever else you can dream up to take place around a metal table hanging high in the air. Just don’t drop your fork.

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